• confidence and authenticity
    lead to successful careers
  • diverse teams
    enable creative solutions
  • inclusive environment
    where every voice matters
  • great people
    like working with great people

the mission of women forward

Women Forward exists to help us recruit, develop, and retain best-in-class women at DHG and to further advance and support women in our communities and beyond through learning and leadership. Here’s how our people experience Women Forward at DHG:

Cultural Integration

Women Forward’s mission is embedded in our People Strategy. We all share the responsibility to ensure an open and accepting environment for women.


Our office networks provide opportunities for skill-building, leadership development and connecting to women in our communities.

Firmwide Programs

These programs offer critical skill development and relationships needed for career progression.


DHG’s policies align to foster a supportive environment for the retention and advancement of women.
Thoughts from Our Leaders
  • Our clients expect us to have diverse teams of professionals who offer broader, more creative solutions.
    I am proud to be an advocate for women in our profession and most importantly here at DHG.

    Matt Snow, Chief Executive Officer
  • Great people like working with great people – it’s a fundamental fact.
    At DHG, we act aggressively to ensure we are recruiting, advancing and retaining the best from all aspects of the diversity spectrum.

    Effin Logue, Chief People Officer
  • At DHG, we find our women exhibit key strengths that support team management and problem-solving skills.
    We leverage these strengths to build valuable careers and optimize client solutions.

    Kent Satterfield, Chief Operating Officer
  • Confidence and authenticity are critical.
    Women Forward helps our people discover how to be successful as individuals.

    Nikki Yarborough, Co-Leader, Women Forward
  • Women Forward helps us get challenges out on the table and discuss them openly.

    Tricia Wilson, Co-Leader, Women Forward